Saturday, September 24, 2011
We did some cool trick photography in this video!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
I learned about limericks today (5-line silly poems). Here's the one I came up with.

I barely know what to write.
I'd rather be flying a kite!
Or running the track
Or eating a snack
Or watching a vampire bite!

P.S. I love vampire shows like "My Babysitter's a Vampire" and "Twilight"
I have been studying Ancient Egypt and Egyptian art in my art history and art classes. Here is a cartouche I made with my name written on it. I also made a watercolor of me and my friend as Egyptians. In Egyptian art they painted the shoulders facing forward but the heads and feet were turned sideways. It's impossible to stand that way!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011
2 brown eggs weighing 2 oz each soaked in 200 mL of white vinegar for 2 days: dissolved the shells and increased their weights by 3/8 of an ounce.

One egg was then placed in a jar of 200 mL of water and the other egg was placed in a jar with 200 mL of corn syrup. By the next day, the egg in water swelled up and weighed 2 7/8 of an ounce, while the egg in corn syrup shriveled and the ending weight was 1 3/8 of an ounce. I knew it!!

With the celery experiment, we found that the water was pulled in faster with the stalk that had the most leaves. It was really interesting look up closely to see how the water gets to the different parts of the plant and leaves. Look at the blue on this one:

Here is the purple (with fewer leaves) and the green with no leaves

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
I am having a lot of fun with homeschool! In science right now we are studying plant and animal cells and the parts of a plant.  Our first experiment started a couple of days ago.  I weighed two brown eggs separately (they were 2 oz each) and placed them into jars with 200 mL of white vinegar.  I left them there for 2 days.

I removed them today and rinsed them off. The vinegar dissolved the shell right off the eggs, and the eggs felt just like hard-boiled eggs, even though they were raw. Don't they look cool?

The eggs are supposed to represent a cell. The outer shell is like the cell membrane, the yolk is like the nucleus, and the egg white is like the cytoplasm. This experiment will show that cells like to have the same consistency as their surroundings. So next I filled one jar with 200 mL of water and the other with 200 mL of Karo Syrup.

Tomorrow I will rinse off the eggs and weigh them to see if they absorb the liquid they are surrounded by. I think the corn syrup will be too thick to absorb through the wall of the egg, but my mom thinks both eggs will absorb their liquids and the corn syrup egg will weigh more. We will report our findings!

We are also testing three stalks of celery (one with no leaves, one with a few leaves, and one with a lot of leaves) to see if the leaves affect how quickly the xylem brings the water into the plant. Fun, fun!

We've also got a bread/mold experiment in process right now, and today we studied a carrot to see the xylem, phloem, epidermis, root hairs, the cortex, and root cap.

Today Grandma Rowan taught me my art history lesson. Grandma has a degree in art history and LOVES teaching it! Today I learned about Egyptian art and writing, and I got to create my own Egyptian cartouche.

Sunday, September 4, 2011