Saturday, March 19, 2011
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Monday, March 7, 2011

I am going to compare 5 types of diapers:


Huggies Overnights: 36 cents

Huggies Snug and Dry: 33 cents

Pampers Baby Dry: 39 cents

Up and Up (Target Brand): 28 cents

Luvs: 26 cents

Here is what the diapers look like:

First I tried cutting out a 7cm x 7cm square of each diaper so I could put it in a bowl and see how much it would absorb (using 16 oz of water). I was going to measure how much water was left over. But because the squares were open on the sides from being cut, the insides of the diaper got into the water and made a very soupy gel. There was no way to measure the left over water.

The diaper goo got worse and worse! So, instead I got a cookie tray and laid out each diaper individually. I poured on as many ounces of water as the diaper would hold within 5 minutes. I could tell it wouldn't hold anymore when the water would just run down the sides instead of absorbing into the pad. Here is what I found for each diaper:

Pampers were one of the worst! I thought they would be the best because they were the most expensive. The Pampers diaper held 22 ounces of water before it started leaking. The absorption was slow. The water pooled on the top for a few seconds before going down into the pad. When I was finished, it felt wet on the outside.

The Huggies Overnights diaper (my mom's favorite) held 34 ounces of water. I kept going until drops of water formed on the top without absorbing into the diaper. The absorption was fast (I could pour the water quickly and it went right in). Even though it was so full, it didn't feel wet on the outside!

The Target Up & Ups diaper held 28 ounces of water. It felt a little damp on the outside when I was finished, but it didn't leak.

The Huggies Snug and Dry diaper also held 28 ounces of water. It absorbed quickly and didn't feel wet on the outside.

The Luvs diaper held the least amount of water. I could only get 20 ounces into it before it started to feel wet on the outside and droplets started to pool on the top without going into the pad.

The Huggies Overnight diaper definitely held the most. It was so puffy and dry on the outside, I was confident enough to try it out as a pillow! But Huggies Overnights are the second most expensive diaper.

I found that the best absorbing diaper for the least amount of money is the Target Up and Ups brand. If money isn't an issue, Huggies Overnights are better!